"The Sound of Your Chains" EP © 2003 -11 songs, 18 min 16 sec

  1. De-Evolution Chronicle (Hofmann/Kiley)
  2. Four Leaf Door (Hofmann/Kiley)
  3. Octopied (Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)
  4. Guy Bowcock's Second Coat (Hofmann/Kiley)
  5. Post-Helen Prank (Hofmann/Kiley)
  6. Elaborate Illusions (Hofmann/Kiley)
  7. Fast Black Rats (Hofmann/Kiley)
  8. Behind on Heads (Hofmann/Kiley)
  9. Radio Spaceshow (Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)
  10. Simple Brought Down (Hofmann/Kiley)
  11. Greater Silo (Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)


Low Fi - Recorded on 4 track cassette and 8 track reel to reels. Short songs with strange sounds and some catchy moments.

The first release. 11 songs in under 20 minutes. Recorded on an Otari 8 track 1/2" reel to reel and a couple of different 4 track machines and cassette recorders.

Contains songs written from 1999 to 2003 by John and Kiley with some help from Krichopi (Richard Zell).

This was less of a full band affair than it was 2 cousins / best friends recording their songs after working long shifts painting houses. Many of these recording sessions were done while extremely drunk.

Some of the drums are from a sampler or some kind of drum machine since at the time SLP were not really a rock band and had no drummer, it was just a few friends making songs in a small smokey house in Phoenix that Kiley was renting. Drums that are not fake drums are probably John playing the old Pine Wyatt drum kit.

The property where the 'home studio' was located was called 'the ranch' where there were 4 houses and a horse pasture in back. It was a special place where lots of magic happened. It has since been turned into condos and the old neighborhood is now fully gentrified.

The EP was originally a full-length record called "Dangers of the Workplace" by the band name "Milky and the Super". The band name Secret Life of Painters did not come along until just before this album was released.