"The Sins Of Horace Kimble EP" © 2008- 8 songs, 31 min 10 sec

the sins of horace kimble ep cover
  1. Landing - (Hofmann/Kiley)
  2. Jesus in Pigtails -(Hofmann/Kiley)
  3. Glass Door -(Hofmann/Kiley)
  4. Lobby of Titans -(Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)
  5. The Loud Candy Hour -(Hofmann/Kiley)
  6. Long Island Mages -(Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)
  7. Bridges on Fire -(Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)
  8. The Blue Lantern -(Hofmann/Kiley/Zell)


8 Song 'mini concept album' EP featuring songs that run into and out of each other forming a cohesive story. Catchy at times always interesting and sometimes frightening. Album rock by Phoenix's most deviant drunks. 

This is the most recent SLP effort. There is a double album compilation of unreleased tracks but this is to date the most recent full band effort / release.

Recorded at Kiley's house with Richard Zell (Krichopi) on the controls sometimes and somebody else doing it other times.

4 track was implemented as well as Richards Apple computer recording setup at times the reel to reels came out for bouncing or tracking.

By this time the band was more of a 4 piece (Hofmann, Kiley, Cortez, and Zell) as there was not a full-time drummer. On this album, most drums were played by Hofmann.

Alcohol and drugs were certainly involved.

The songs were collaborative between Hofmann Kiley and Zell and many of the 'foley' type sounds were created with everybody helping out.

This was by far the most fun to create and depending on who you ask it is the most interesting release by SLP.