Expose the skyline
Reveal it to me
Sparrows and red tails
With tall tales of full sails
And money
From the fertile lands beyond
The new expanse

Have you ever seen the Quarryman’s hands?
Of dust and notoriety

The frozen officials
Carelessly working by starlight and kerosene
Like statues
Their faces will not wither
And the saddest coldest eyes
You’ve ever seen

It’s how you dwell
You keep your soldiers safe inside your shell
You keep a sentry posted
You watch all the animals carrying banners
And broadcast anntennas
Beaming out a version of us
Leaving out the places we get lost

Back in the room
You can sense the wolves approaching soon
With a brand new uniform
And paws cross the polished floor
Cornering the cowards who pray
For the circuit boards to hold up
Through the hours

Entirely waiting for his thoughts to come to light
And the opening holes in the dullest of lives
Pointing to the same position…

All is well unofficially
Frozen statues come to visit me
And when I go frozen
Unofficially wide open

My soul for a dollar bill
It’s better than nothing
Today we skin the kill
We’ll use it for something fast
They’re past the hatch
Rolling up so slow
I can hear them breathing

Very heavy skies
Pressure crushing down
Coming from all sides
It’s feast or famine
And we know this game well
And it’s hell
And it’s coming
Yes, it’s coming

©Copyright Secret Life of Painters
Words & music by John Hofmann