Shake it off, little boy
We never meant to hurt you, little boy
Create your name, remember you’re the best
You’ll always keep it close to the vest

Keep your enemies close
Keep your bed clean
Shape your life just like my own
Cus my own is your own
And that’s how it should stay

There’s three days left in April
And you still have to prove yourself
To everyone always

Remember how they stare at you
And make you feel so distant
Through the looking glass, the other side
Staring back, you’re getting high

You wish for understanding
To belong to the tribe, to wear the same uniform
To finally get it right

To not have to make excuses for your tendencies
Begging for apologies from so and so and him and her
And he and she and this and that
And I can only be one cog in a long lost machine

Go my son and face them
But you will never be like them

Face it now and suck it up
Make it work find a job
Get it straight pay the rent
Make it right hold it down

Keep it tight don’t be late
Don’t you lie stay on point
Make the grade tough it out
Hold it down, Hold it down
Don’t you be a failure

┬ęCopyright Secret Life of Painters
Words & music by Hofmann / Kiley