So get your troops to dry land
And open up
Fly in the friendly dealer

Plans change

There’s a meeting at the back house
You know we’re up
Wading knee-deep
In the fanatical kayman estuary

Sharing magnets and energy
Sad sloppy drunk are we
Dirty horses grazing
In back forty savings
Soundbytes of the still life

Moments lying there
Were well worth it then
Soundbytes of the still life

Pregnant with post cards
You’re selling sure starts
And I’ll wager you
Have had a drink or two
But no one’s counting but you

They come to dock at all odd hours
With the cops and the crooks and their chases
And the babies are kissing their faces

I get around I get around I get all this static
Off of you

┬ęCopyright Secret Life of Painters
Words & music by Hofmann / Kiley