"Magnets & Energy" © 2006 -14 songs, 47 min 12 sec

  1. Actual Spawning (Hofmann / Kiley)
  2. Last Human Clutch (Hofmann / Kiley)
  3. Fire at the Tampson House (Hofmann / Kiley)
  4. Pregnant With Postcards (Hofmann / Kiley)
  5. Spies Like Friends (Hofmann / Kiley)
  6. Liccorice Cubist (Hofmann / Kiley)
  7. If It Please the Magistrate (Hofmann / Kiley)
  8. Hold Your Flashlight (Hofmann / Kiley)
  9. New Chapel Ticket Thieves (Hofmann / Kiley)
  10. Astral Projecting Now (Hofmann / Kiley)
  11. The Sour Nurse (Hofmann)
  12. The Frozen Officials (Hofmann)
  13. Breadlines of January (Hofmann)
  14. The Wedding Machines (Hofmann)


Professionally recorded first full length release. Played live and recorded mostly live. Sounds good. Very aggressive guitar rock sound, a complete departure from the first EP. Lots of catchy rock songs here.

The first full-length release. 14 songs in just under 50 minutes. This was recorded at Kiley's home studio but this time John McKay was at the controls. He had a mobile recording set up and some good mics.

Contains songs written from 2001 to 2006 by John and Kiley.

This was a full-on rock band recording affair. Drums were mic'ed up, guitars had dedicated tracks, bass was tracked, etc.. I think we played the music parts all live with some random overdubs to fix mistakes.

This was kind of a concept album idea but it turned out more like a standard record with some songs being more like suites. The Frozen Officials and Breadlines of January are actually one song (actually its 6 or seven mini parts).

This was our stab at making the big rock and roll album with a real engineer / producer. It was a rock band firing on all cylinders and playing very well together after many shows and lots of practice time under our belts.