"Electrical Anomalies & Other Visitors" © 2007- 17 songs, 44 min 21 sec

electrical anomalies and other visitors cover
  1. Tunnels of Plaster City (Hofmann/Kiley)
  2. A House of Many Walls (Hofmann)
  3. In Come the Hawks (Hofmann/Kiley)
  4. Digital Solar Opposites (Hofmann/Kiley)
  5. Abbey on the Black Boardwalk (Hofmann/Kiley)
  6. Transmitter Down (Hofmann/Kiley)
  7. Out With Twisted Carol (Hofmann/Kiley)
  8. Orphan and the Time Bomb (Hofmann)
  9. Shapes of Our Own Design (Hofmann/Kiley)
  10. Opposing Raptors (Hofmann/Kiley)
  11. On Aquarium Grass (Hofmann/Kiley)
  12. Six White Wolves (Hofmann/Kiley)
  13. Meet the Speechless (Hofmann/Kiley)
  14. Redboy Meets the Rat (Hofmann/Kiley)
  15. Girl Cease Fire (Hofmann/Kiley)
  16. Imposter Monks (Hofmann/Kiley)
  17. Breakfast With the Bees (Hofmann)


Mid Fi - Recorded on 4 track cassette and A Computer HD recording set up with help from Richard Zell on the controls. More far out and psychedelic than the previous release. A psych / rock kind of record with lots of catchy songs.

The second full-length release. 17 songs in 45 minutes. Mostly recorded on Richard's computer set up at the ranch with some stuff on 4 track or reel to reel 2 track.

Contains songs written from 2004 to 2007 by John and Kiley with some help from Krichopi (Richard Zell).

This was a full band effort with everyone contributing their parts. I think some songs have different people on drums but lots of it has Matt on the drums. There was some instrument switching too.

The idea here was to make a more psychedelic album with more interesting and strange themes and sounds. The first album was so rock this time we went out to left field a bit and the result is a psych / garage / pop rock mess.

This was probably the most thematically coherent effort up to this point.