Crickets of the Silicon Coil Volume 1

"Crickets of the Silicon Coil" Volume 1 © 2015 - 14 songs, 31 min 51 sec

crickets of the silicon coil cover
  1. Good Morning Earthman
  2. Everything Spins
  3. Binocular Wars
  4. Dr. Rappaport
  5. Horses' Winter Heads
  6. Lights On 44th Floor
  7. Strange Maps
  8. For The Girls In Scrubs
  9. All Occupations Dumb And Proud
  10. Houses Made of Salt
  11. Night Light Wars
  12. Backwards Little Man
  13. Rise Up Spiders
  14. Go Portugal

Crickets of the Silicon Coil Volume 2

"Crickets of the Silicon Coil" Volume 2 © 2015 - 14 songs, 34 min 04 sec

crickets of the silicon coil cover
  1. Teach You to Climb
  2. In the Constable's Basement
  3. Motorcades
  4. Realize Arizona
  5. The Resulting Crow
  6. Milky Waifs
  7. The Reconstruction of Lacey Jones
  8. Clouds of the Coast
  9. Our Hero In His Suit
  10. Land of Lumber and Wine
  11. Goblins Dance Alone
  12. End of Day
  13. Waiting for a Callback From the Gods of War
  14. A Well With High Water


This is a double album compilation of tracks that did not make any of the albums but that the band thought were interesting or good enough to be released somewhere. Lots of hidden gems and experiments that turned out better than expected. It was put together in 2015 by Hofmann using tapes and CDs and files from the vast boxes of recorded media he has.

This double album compilation contains songs from Kiley, Hofmann, Zell and a mix of all 3. The songs on this compilation date as far back as 1998 when Pine Wyatt had just broken up and Hofmann had a bunch of songs with nowhere to go.

A handful of these are castaways from the Sound of Your Chains EP that did not make the cut.

There are a few orphans from Magnets and Energy and Electrical Anomalies eras too.

Notable on this compilation is the appearance of some of Aaron Kiley's songs which did not end up on any SLP releases.

The double album is surprisingly cohesive when at times it almost feels like an actual record that was meant to be this way. Coincidence?