Take a seat on the Chesterfield
Take a dive in the mental wasteland
Let me know just the way you feel
Cus you know that I just won’t listen

To heroes and villains and looking up to anyone
Sky in his eyes
When the sure hand of winter grips your bones
Just let it ride

Let’s just go home
Forget the empire
Let’s just make it home

Empires burning and bridges on fire
Plant your flag here and run for your life

Know yourself and know your enemies’ enemies

You can stand by the golden doorway
In a well of salty water
We were drinking our gin
What a way to begin
To try to see the light at the end

Of heros and villains… I don’t believe in anything
Anything at all

Let’s just go home
Forget the Empire
Let’s just get home

©Copyright Secret Life of Painters
Words & music by Hofmann / Kiley